Friday, January 18, 2013

Synchronizing with a remote SVN repository

We recently had a double hard-drive failure on our RAID 5 on our main server at work, and we lost our stuff. Our primary backup method of that system had completely failed due to the incompetence of some of the staff in our parent company that was completely beyond our control. It's only by the grace of the fact that our IT guy had an extra weekly backup that we were able to recover as much as we were. That said, it brought to light the need to have our own extra backups of our source code because we can't rely on the people we're supposed to be able to rely on to do the backups for us. We're now going to be creating our own copies of the SVN server on a semi-daily basis, and I've found instructions on how to do it on this awesome StackOverflow post. I'm just sorry I didn't know about this sooner.

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