Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some helpful troubleshooting tips for SFTP jails

Further to my previous post on SFTP jails, I've run across a few issues. When logging in via command line after first setting up the jail, you may encounter immediate disconnects with the response "Connection Closed". One possible cause of this is missing files, specifically "/lib64/" under the jail. There are other files that can possibly be missing, but that's a biggie if you're running a 64-bit kernel. If you're running WinSCP, you may also encounter the error message "Is the host running a SFTP server?"

Monday, May 11, 2009

A quick note on intercepting annotations with Spring AOP

Spring AOP is incredibly powerful. One of the most powerful features of the framework is that it lets you intercept methods that are decorated with particular annotations using the following AOP expression :


This can be used in place of :

execution(public * my.package.MyService.serviceMethod(*))

...or in combination with it. But one important point : the annotation being intercepted must be in service method implementations (ie concrete class implementations), not on the service method interface declarations! Otherwise Spring AOP will not be able to read and intercept the annotated methods / classes