Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A quick note on versioning

I've come to really admire the way the open source community has been versioning their products over the last couple years, especially in the java open source community, which I've found to be very bright and vibrant. Generally, the projects adhere to the following conventions (where 'x' is an integer) :

Version :
x.x.x - Version with major version, minor version, patch increment
0.x.x - Beta software, not to be considered ready for production use (generally, some projects have very odd development cycles and version conventions)
1.x.x - Version 1 (good for looking at, but you may want to wait for version 2, especially Apache projects *cough*maven*cough*struts*cough*)
x.x.x-Mx - Milestone beta version - has certain promised features according to the milestone version, but not the final version with that number
x.x.x-RCx - Release candidate beta version - has all the promised features according to the release plan for that version for the project, but is not considered to have been sufficiently tested

If anybody feels differently about my descriptions, please, by all means, correct me.

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