Tuesday, September 11, 2007

<rage>MOAR HIBERNATE! :@</rage>

God damn, I'm getting so fucking tired of Hibernate and its quirks. Here's a new one regarding Criteria queries :

When you create a criteria query, you almost invariably have to specify a result transformer of Criterion.DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY (that's a quirk, but not the topic of this post). When you have an entity on which you want to build a criteria query and you want to limit the number of search results (ie distinct root entities), things get really tricky. Specifying 'setMaxResults' on the query affects the number of rows returned from the database that are actually inspected. Therefore, if there are any joins on your entity that have collections, this will cause a fetch with an outer join strategy to generate an excessive number of rows and affect the results when using a maxResults setting. In the case of using embedded properties, specifying a fetch mode of SELECT will not override these (this is a glitch in hibernate). You'll have to specify the fetch mode manually in the metadata (be it XML or Annotations) permanently for the embedded class. I fucking hate Hibernate sometimes, I really do.

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