Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rampaging bull software design

If you're into the software scene, then you most likely know that some of the big buzz terms in the last few years have been RAD (Rapid Application Development) and Agile development (keeping your code clean and maintainable, and incrementing your design and development process in very small steps). With ever changing requirements and very little chance to get the big picture ahead of time given the small amounts of information I get from my bosses, I have no choice but to follow an agile development process. As best as I can tell, I've been doing so ever since I've started here.

Unfortunately, this style of development has caught up with me : I'm finding that even though my code is fairly clean and very easily maintainable, there are memory leaks (I'm using Java, so this means that something's holding onto references and preventing the automatic garbage collector from doing its job). This means that I now get to go back with a profiler, analyze the running of my software, and find out where the leaks are and correct them.

This is going to be interesting.

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