Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Moar (sic) hibernate !

Yet more hibernate fun facts that I wish I'd had before I started any projects : Hibernate has the ability to persist instances of java.util.Locale, java.util.Currency, and java.util.TimeZone. A sprinkling of a few bits of these pieces of code and their corresponding hibernate annotations could have saved me an assload of time spent on doing my own design, development and testing.

On a small side note, I found I've actually managed to come up with a much better and more appropriate solution for dealing with currencies than the java.util.Currency class, as it's woefully inadequate to the task of dealing with currencies in an enterprise system. I refer specifically to the way it deals with floating point arithmetic in its number of decimal places, rather than adering more closely to the ISO 4217 specification whereby currencies should have a base and an exponent when calculating a multiplier to go between base currency units and major currency units.

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