Friday, February 23, 2007

Internet Explorer quirks

What I'm about to say is neither a new thought nor a new sentiment in the least: Internet Explorer sucks.

I don't just say that because I'm a huge fan of many other browsers, but because as somebody who develops applications that have to be completely browser-agnostic, dealing with Internet Explorer is a fucking pain. The quirk that's got me today is this: Internet Explorer doesn't properly handle XHTML. The consequence of this is that it doesn't recognize self-closed script tags as valid (ie <script src="blah.js" type="text/javascript"> ) and as a result will biff if you try to use them. Firefox, Opera and SeaMonkey all have no problem with it. Unfortunately I don't have a Mac with which to try out Safari and Camino, but the point is that using the above code snippet will cause Internet Explorer to NOT EVEN RENDER THE PAGE. It strikes me that this is a horrible bug, especially for a large corporation like Microsoft. It's this kind of BS that drives people to better solutions. I feel bad for the people who haven't realized there's better shit out there than IE. Sorry for the harsh language, but yes, I'm bitter.

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