Thursday, September 02, 2010

Finally ... MySQL workbench sucks less

MySQL workbench has been out for quite a while, under the guise of the people at MySQL. For the longest time, I stuck to using just the individual MySQL Query Browser and Administrator because they weren't too bad, and there really wasn't anything out there that I liked much better for query browsing alternatives. I tried out the old Workbench back when MySQL was standalone, but it really wasn't a very positive experience, so I just dropped it.

However, lately, something drove me to search for better alternatives to the MySQL query browser again, and I don't even know why. In my Google search, the MySQL Workbench came up, and I saw that it was a very recent version that was a good .2 versions up from the last one I had used, so I figured I'd give it a try. The difference was startling. Not only did they completely revamp the interface (at least for the Mac) but the workbench was just generally much more reliable and performant than the old query browser. If you get the chance, give it a shot. The new integrated interface is much more user friendly, and there's a bunch of new "Copy to clipboard" snippets that I personally find incredibly convenient and useful.

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51Cards said...

Workbench is still a nightmare... GUI doesn't fit on small resolution server screens (with no scroll bars to access off screen content)... frequent crashes loading large scripts, bloated and confusing UI, still no data migration, and on and on. We would have been SO much further ahead had development just continued on the old tools.