Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Using the MySQL EXPLAIN statement

Recently I had been having trouble with queries on a certain table in a system that I've been maintaining. I had gone through just about every excuse for why queries on the table could be performing so slowly : the machine was slow (DB running on a VM), the webserver was slow (also running on a VM), I wasn't using the native libraries (webserver was Tomcat), I had other processes running in the background (I didn't). Then I ran across a tip on a forum suggesting usage of the MySQL EXPLAIN statement. I had known all about it for the longest time, but it never occurred to me to actually use it (I think I'm that good at writing queries, turns out : I'm wrong). After using the EXPLAIN statement, I found out that the query processor was using a suboptimal query plan which utilized an index I had added with the intent of improving performance (the index had a fairly high arity, so choosing to use it was sketchy at best in the first place). Most DBMSs should have a similar functionality built in. I think that'll be the first place I go in future.

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