Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Hibernate glitches

I've recently discovered the joy of actually getting OneToOne primary key columns on objects working, so I've started using them more often (where appropriate). Naturally, increased use means increased chances of finding a bug, which I have. It seems there's a parser problem in HQL when it comes to querying on ID columns that are also objects. If you try to query on the object type (ie Person) rather than the ID type (ie Long), you'll get an exception saying something along the lines of :

Expected positional parameter count: 1, actual parameters: [Parent@bec357b] [from Child this where = ?]

The above line is from HHH-2254, but it's representative of the problem I ran across. The problem is that hibernate doesn't properly parse and fill in the parameters in the query. You can get around this by changing the query to use a simple type for ID instead of the object type.

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