Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Hibernate glitches, part 2

I had previously written on an Expected positional parameter glitch in Hibernate when joining between entities using OneToOne and PrimaryKey + ForeignKey columns. It turns out, Hibernate has this problem no matter what field you query on the joined entity if you're quering by another entity. A way around this is to use the ID property of the joined entities and add another association to your HQL / Criteria query.

ie So if you have Person and Address having a OneToOne relationship

public class Person {
private Address address;

... and you want to query for a Person by Address, you would probably write something like :

from Person p where p.address = ?

... in HQL. Well, this is where you start running into the Expected positional parameter glitch. Instead, write your query like this :

from Person p where = ?

... and pass in a long / int / whatever type you use for an identifier for Person / Address instead and this will work around the glitch until it can be fixed.

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