Monday, October 13, 2008

A quick note on Maven plugins

I've recently had to go abroad to various other countries for work, and I've found that porting my projects around to various workspaces hasn't been as easy as it otherwise should have been, and here's why : I use Maven, especially the plugins. I've used others, and I've even written my own. I've also learned that one should specify versions of all plugins used, because the behaviour of a plugin may change between versions and if you're unaware of that and you start getting strange behaviour from your project build, this can lead to hours of wasted time trying to figure out what the hell is going on. I'm referring specifically to the maven-war-plugin for building web application WAR files. I had previously left the version unspecified, and when I ported my workspace to my laptop, Maven chose to use a different version of the plugin than that of my desktop, and as a result was including files I didn't want in my WAR file. This led to classpath errors, and me spending several hours trying to find out where the problem was. So in short, always specify versions of the plugins you use to ensure consistent behaviour in your build, wherever you may be working on your project.

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