Friday, August 29, 2008

Reflection in Ruby

I've recently gotten started going on a Ruby on Rails project for my company, that's meant to be a simple app that we'll throw up and let run for any prospective customers. But I ran into a problem with copying property values between objects, since I'm not as familiar with the language as I'd like to be. The Object type defines a method called 'send' which lets you invoke a method with given arguments. However, I wanted to be able to assign property values via this method, and just sending the name of the property as the name of the method to invoke wasn't working. (Works just fine if you want to get the property). As it turns out, the method for invoking the setter of a property is brain-dead simple : use the name of the method as you'd define it if you were overriding the setter for the property. For example, if you have a property called 'name', you'd define the setter for it as follows :

def name= (name)
@name = name

So if you wanted to set the value of this property reflectively, you'd do something like :

@person_instance.send "name=", "John Smith"

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