Friday, July 11, 2008

Pure FTP on Ubuntu

Pure FTP is a great FTP server and I love it because it's ridiculously fast, reliable and works well for our company. The only problem is that it's tricky to configure on Ubuntu because just like with numerous other programs, the people at Ubuntu, in their infinite wisdom, felt the need to fuck with the program's default way of doing things. Specifically, in Ubuntu, command line arguments for starting the FTP service are done through individual files for each command line option you want the service to be started with, with values for the options placed inside each of the files. This is a stupid way of doing things, but that's not the topic of this post.

The problem I've been having lately is that I recently deployed new projects within our production network, and these new projects required access to the FTP server, and aren't on the same box as the server, as is the sole other project that has been using the FTP server. I'd been getting problems trying to connect to the server from any LAN box, but not any external boxes nor the machine itself (localhost). The error I got back was "421 Service not available". I googled around for hours and found nothing useful, until I started realizing that other people were getting 421 errors when their PureFTP instance was misconfigured, but with different messages, and then it got me thinking that maybe my instance was somehow misconfigured.

I re-read the documentation for PureFTP and after an hour or so, it hit me that the server does reverse lookups to resolve fully qualified names, and such resolution doesn't work properly on our network (for good reasons that I'm not going to go into). After disabling reverse DNS resolution with the -H startup option (`echo "yes" >> DontResolve` in the configuration directory in Ubuntu), the problem went away.

I hope this helps anybody else who runs into the same problem.

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