Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A quick note about JAXB

JAXB (the Java API for XML Binding) is a great piece of technology (2.x, not 1.x). However, if you're starting an application and your JAXBContext is throwing an exception saying that it's unaware of a given class, there's a quick fix. At this point, I'm guessing you've configured your JAXB context to use a package, and the class that the JAXBContext is unaware of is in the given package, and you're scratching your head as to why it can't seem to find a class that's in the proper package. Well, here's the most probable answer : if you're using package-configured JAXBContexts, you need to have factory methods for all top level elements, similar to the following :

* Create an instance of {@link PurchaseOrder }
public PurchaseOrder createPurchaseOrder() {
return new PurchaseOrder();

... assuming that mypackage.PurchaseOrder is the class the JAXBContext is complaining that it's unaware of. This little quirk took me a couple hours to debug because I had just regenerated some web services code using Apache CXF 2.1.1 from an updated WSDL document for an updated Web Service that our company uses. Little did I know, that in comparing the two ObjectFactory files in Eclipse, I had missed copying over certain important functions. Hopefully this helps you.

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