Thursday, December 14, 2006

Still wicked busy...

I've been putting off posting to this blog longer and longer, and I really dislike doing that. The subject of today's post is more a rant than anything else. I've had to switch off dealing with projects that use Spring WebFlow for the moment and switch back to reporting, which means that I've had to deal with JasperReports and iReport again. This time it means looking into the Charting capabilities of iReport, and from what I'm seeing, they're so piss-poorly documented by everyone (including the people who make it) as to be a pointless and useless feature. I'd kill for a good tutorial on it right now, but the fact remains that there's nothing useful out there. At best there's a couple tutorials that scratch the surface, and don't lend themselves to any practical implementation. Ok, bitching done. I'll start coming out with much more useful posts in future, most notably with code and examples to hopefully fill the gap that is a lot of the internet as far as I see it when it comes to development.

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