Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Using ADAL.js correctly with AngularJS when setting up your endpoints

When searching around and using the tutorials on how to correctly use adal.js to authenticate your calls to Web API (or anything else) in Azure, you'll often see a block similar to this that you have to put in your App.js to configure your main module:

tenant: 'mytenant.onmicrosoft.com',
clientId: 'abc4db9b-9c54-4fdf-abcd-1234ec148319',
endpoints: {
'https://localhost:44301/api': 'https://some-app-id-uri/'

You'll notice that this appears to be pointing to the Web API root of a service running on localhost, and you'd be right. For this to work correctly, you'll need to enable OAUTH 2 path matching in the application manifest of the **client** that's connecting to the service!

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