Thursday, October 22, 2015

Querying PowerShell for module and cmdlet information

I've recently realized that it's of incredible benefit to start designing our systems such that they're open and easily queryable by any system, particularly .NET and PowerShell. As a result, I've started designing modules for PowerShell to let my team administrate our systems. This has led me to realize that they need some of the basics of PowerShell to query what's available to them, because none of them have really used PowerShell before. The following commands should be of help to beginners:

Show the currently loaded PowerShell modules: Get-Module

Show the available PowerShell modules: Get-Module -ListAvailable

Show the cmdlets available in a particular module: Get-Command -Module [module name]

* in the case of our custom compiled C# module assembly, this is the name of the assembly (not the name of the assembly file, e.g. MyCompany.MyAssembly, not MyCompany.MyAssembly.dll)

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