Thursday, August 06, 2015

Adding extra files to your MSDeploy web package with MSBuild

I've recently started getting much more in depth with Azure. I've ported some web apps up into Azure, and now I need WebJobs. I've written the jobs, manually uploaded them into my web apps, tested them out and they work great. Now I need to ensure that the WebJobs get automatically deployed with my Web Application.

As it turns out, web jobs are just a sub folder with some naming conventions underneath the App_Data folder in your web application. Unfortunately, getting those files into that folder as part of the packaging process is a couple extra (non-obvious) steps.

Following this article on ASP.NET, I was able to add in the extra files. It took a lot more Googling than I care to admit to in order to find this article. As it turns out, you really need to pick your search terms well.

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