Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting an "RPC endpoint not found/not listening" exception when connecting to a remote machine with PowerShell

Lately I've been dealing with a lot of remote management for the purposes of automating our deployment process for the product on which I'm working. I've been able to connect other (pre-configured) machines, but when I wanted to connect to my own machine in unit tests, I've been unable to do so until now. Each time I try to connect, I'd get an exception along the lines of "The remote RPC server is not responding". I double checked that my "Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)" service is up and running, so I was perplexed as to why I still couldn't connect. I had turned off my firewall (temporarily, of course), and as if that wasn't enough, I'd explicitly enabled the rules for Windows Remote Management. As it turns out, (at least when you're running Windows Server 2008 R2) the service runs by default, but is not configured to allow remote management by default. (Totally makes sense, right ? /sarcasm) To remedy this, you need only run the following under and Administrator command line:

winrm quickconfig

This will enable your machine to accept incoming connections. You should also ensure that your firewall has been properly configured to allow the remote management rules (pre-existing, come with Windows). Also make sure that your service is actually running.

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