Sunday, November 10, 2013

Digging into Raspberry Pi

I've recently purchased several Raspberry Pi boards so that I could use them with the RasPlex distribution to run Plex clients and connect them to my TVs and stream media from a central box in my house. However, I've now realized that with their ability to output to HDMI by default, I can use them as video controllers for projects at work. On my blog I'm going to document my experiences with the Pi, mostly as a list for me to follow if I ever have to recreate my work.

Today, I started off by doing the following :
1. Running NOOBS
2. Installing Raspbian
3. Used 'sudo apt-get install fluxbox' to install the Fluxbox window manager.
4. 'touch ~/.xsession' and 'vi ~/.xsession' and appended 'fluxbox' to the end of the file to start fluxbox when X starts.

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