Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Using key gestures with parameterized Commands in WPF is "broken"

Ok, it's not actually broken, it just doesn't work the way I wanted (or expected). Apparently, there's a very good article on why they don't work the way I expected. To be clear, the way I expected them to work was:

  1. Define the command as a static RoutedUICommand and set the keyboard / mouse gestures I wanted on the command's InputGestures collection.
  2. Use said command in MenuItems, Buttons etc.
  3. Automatically have keyboard / mouse bindings setup everywhere (including the nice shortcut text on menu items in context menus / menu bar menus)
Turns out, no, and it's by design of the WPF team. See the article above for the explanation. At least now I know there's a good reason why it's not working, and I have a starting point for getting the key / mouse gesture functionality that I want.

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