Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Changing the default URI of a WCF web service

I recently returned to one of my previous employers since they lured me away with a better employment offer than I was currently receiving. I'm now placed on a large scale project to revamp our equipment and our software, and improve our software services to the point where we have absolute control and communication with our software out in the field. To that end, I'm presently writing a service that our field personnel's laptops will use to communicate with our home office. I've decided to implement the service in WCF since I've got experience with it and it will be the quickest route to getting a working service deployed. There are other reasons for the choice, but we won't go into those at the moment. One of the things I had forgotten about was the best practice of changing the default namespace of the service away from I found an article here to remind me of how to do it, so hopefully others will be able to find it as well.

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