Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A letter to Apple

Yes, these things are cliche, but whatever, screw it.

Dear Apple,

In case you haven't figured it out from my buying patterns, I've stopped buying music from you that isn't DRM-free. This is because, as Steve Jobs has admitted himself, DRM is archaic, and frankly doesn't work. What your company doesn't seem to realize is that if you want to continue your high level of sales, (especially to technophiles / audiophiles such as myself) you're going to need to get going on casting off the DRM that exists on your considerable library of music. I steadfastly refuse to purchase any music that is not DRM-free. I want to be able to play it anywhere on whatever device I may happen to own, and I'm not going to cave into unreasonable demands of an already clearly greedy music industry that refuses to evolve and adapt to technological reality. If I can't purchase music through large corporations such as yourself, I'm going to look elsewhere : smaller sites, independent labels, and independent artists who publish their music for free. So, until you get your head out of your ass : screw you, you're not getting one thin dime from my pocket.

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