Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RSS and Me

I love RSS, I think it's a great way to read the news and generally stay up to date on any sites you read and any (legit) torrents you may want to download, or podcasts if that's your thing. I've been kicking around the idea of having an RSS notifier for our system at work, so that I wouldn't have to be sending out extraneous emails all over the place. According to this guy, creating an RSS feed is stupid simple. Maybe when I get the chance I'll give it a try.

*EDIT* : Ok, me being me, I was fascinated with the idea of dealing with something new and couldn't let it go. I followed one breadcrumb after another and found, fortunately for me, that Spring already has an (Abstract)RSS view class in the Spring Modules library that uses the Java Rome RSS library in the background. I can't wait to slog through the crap I have to deal with at the moment so that I can fool around with RSS and have RSS feeds supplying the notifications for our production system. This is going to save so many headaches.

*EDIT 2* : Heh, this guy's page is awesome. It shows that you can use security with RSS feeds, which will be perfect for my company.

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